My Weighloss

I have suffered from morbid Obesity all of my life.  Two years ago, on June 15, 2016 , I was at a Horn conference in New York, and met a fellow horn player that had bariatric surgery 2 years earlier, and looked great. Meeting her was the ” lightbulb moment” for me. I have to bariatric surgery too! I need to start this journey now! So once I got back to Toronto I signed up with the Ontario Bariatric Program and was accepted. It was a long year of preparing and meeting with the bariatric team. My sleeve surgery was on March 20, 2018 and this is my journey! Enjoy!

My Musical Story…

In 2001, I moved back to Toronto after a 20 hiatus. I an native Torontonian, I moved back to Toronto after living and working in Amsterdam for 20 years. As a trained professional Classical musician , I studied at the Faculty of Music, University of Toronto, The Amsterdam Conservatory of Music as well as the Royal Conservatory of Music of Toronto. I  was principal horn of the Amsterdam Opera Company Orchestra for 20 years. I have also performed with many Orchestras in Holland and Canada. I am an accomplished classical horn player, I have performed with the Royal Concertgebouw of Amsterdam, Rotterdam Philharmonic, Residentie Orchestra of The Hague, The Toronto Symphony, Aradia Ensemble, Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony and the Niagara Symphony. As a chamber musician I have performed with the Toronto Chamber Orchestra, Amici Chamber Ensemble, The Stravinsky Ensemble and Network Winds. I also have been teaching privately for 20 years, and love it!

Playing the Horn

Taken in November 2009 when I performed 1st horn with Kitchener Waterloo Symphony. I had tried to lose weight the tradition way with diet and exercise, lost about 150 pounds ( as I am in the pic) but unfortunately I gained it all back.