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The Struggle is Real

Do You ever watch the show my 600-pound life? because it is a very scary show because it is kind of an example of the former me. You know obesity doesn’t happen on its own.

I used to blame my mother for my obesity. I grew up in a family of obese sisters and a mother.

My sisters could probably do with the weight loss surgery as well. In the beginning of my journey I was looking for their support. At first, I was let down, because they really didn’t want to talk about it. If it was jealousy and they just were not happy to talk about the topic, they mostly just congratulated me on my weight loss but never really had deep conversations about it, and certainly  they didn’t say, “ hey I’m going to lose weight like you did, and join you on your journey!” .. nope that never happened.  But now 2 years later I have noticed within my family that my siblings are starting to take on healthier habits and that is great.

You know re-gain is a thing that’s on my mind all the time, because of old habits can slip back into your lifestyle. Like you go to the store and you buy a small chocolate bar or you’re filling up your tank of gas and you’re paying your gas pump station and you pick up a small bag of chips and all of a sudden all of these bad habits you used to have her coming back into your life.

It was a little bit here and a little there, and their crackers with your tuna etc.

It is hard to accept the concept in your mind that healthy eating is fun.  In reality, healthy eating is hard and it’s not fun! You feel deprived or you feel like you deserve a treat because you’ve been good all day, you went to the gym, but it’s really true that nobody dies without a bowl of popcorn or you died because they didn’t have junk food or we die because he didn’t have a chocolate bar, but you do died from obesity and there are people out there that die daily from obesity.

 My mother died because she was obese all her life. She died of fatty liver disease.  At the end of the day we all love our junk food and love to have snacks.

You know Weight loss surgery is an elective surgery it’s something that we decide to do for ourselves and likewise we have to decide to stick too or decide not to stick, with it, there’s no halfway with weight loss surgery. But the reality is that weight loss surgery is not only the quick fix, it has to be a lifelong decision to adopt healthy eating and lifestyle changes.

So, you either do it or you do not it up to you, it your choice… so in the end you’ve decided to have the surgery because you have to stick to it, and it has to be done by YOU! nobody else but you. You can do the weight loss journey but nobody else can tell you how to do it for you.  

You have to figure it out yourself, you did the surgery because you want to, and have to follow the plan and stick with it.  It entails dedication, because you choose to, otherwise it’s absolutely a struggle.

So, in the end, if you’re waiting for people to save you, you are not going to succeed.  They are there to support you, happy to cheer you on.

Remember this is your choice, and your journey, no one else’s.They want their support you they want them to cheer you on, but they cannot do it for you.

You need to decide what you want.

Do you want the junk food that’s been hurting you all your life, or do you want the food that makes you healthier.

This is your choice, your journey, you decide what happens.

 Success after weight loss surgery isn’t easy, the people who get to goal and stay there don’t magically float there adversely because their lives are stress-free and they woke up one morning loving Kale or looking forward to running the half marathon run every Saturday.

They got there because they put in the work in, they showed up every single day and they did it.

They are not perfect, they stumble, they struggle their weight plateaued, their weight loss went fast, their weight loss went slow, they cried they wanted to give up, but they didn’t!

They decided they wanted to get to goal and stay there!

They didn’t hit snooze button in the morning and not go to the gym or hit that ‘keep watching’ buttons on Netflix,  they wanted it more than they wanted to eat something after they had a fight with her best friends are there wife for child.

Remember telling yourself or thinking to yourself that it’s hard for you? and that other people are so lucky or blessed because they don’t seem to gain weight no matter what they eat?

 It isn’t productive to think like that.

 When you think about it, I don’t have any more hours in my day than the people that have lost the weight and keep it off. They don’t have a secret stash of extra hours a day,  they’ve made the decision to not watch three year for five or six hours of Netflix but they decide to go up to the gym  or decided to go for a walk with your dog or they decide to go to bed.  They didn’t get a better nutritionist than you or have a smaller Pouch or a smaller sleeve or different set of instructions.

It all comes down to making choices, choose whether or not you want to stick to your 800 or 1200 calorie a day diet and go to the gym 5 or 7 days a week.

If you choose to track your calories and your food intake with your app every day you or if choose to go to the gym seven days a week or you choose to sit on your couch when you get home from work and what four hours of Netflix.

Struggle is looking at it straight in the eye and approaching it.  You need to do the work every day, and yes, the struggle is real… it’s really up to you! You have to figure it out yourself what you want to do.  

Do you want to regain the weight you lost?

Do you want to eat that bag of chips more then be able to fit into that pair of skinny jeans?

 if you’re still watching my video it’s obvious you want to change the way your feel

 it’s obvious you want you want to make a change, but you need to do it yourself, nobody else will do it for you!



Lowering your Set point with Weight Training

How do you lower your set point weight? Exercise, and particularly strength training, is the best method for reducing body fat. And the more you exercise, the more you may be able to change your body weight set point due to decreases in body fat levels and increases in lean body mass.

Craveing Food

If you crave less food after you exercise?

This is a strong indicator that your body weight set point is lowering.

Here’s an interesting way of looking at exercise:

Perhaps exercise quickly lowers our set point and the body eventually defends that new lower set point by reducing our hunger and increasing our thyroid hormone output, etc.

Bland food does the same thing.


Download an Weight Training Guide

Here is a pdf guide of the weigh training I do at the gym on a weekly basis to help with lowering your set point

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